Thursday, 17 December 2009


I found this book very informative. It told it in "plain English" and gave lots of advice and
support. I very often pick it up and refer back to it. The questionaires in the book are good for those parents who are just on the brink of getting their child diagnosed. Very helpful, and reassuring.... like talking with a good friend!

(Parent On Amazon)

‘grab this book and start making sense of the facts and the fallacies….with Q and As and
checklists you will soon be in control of the situation’

(Junior Magazine)

Prepare your child for school

‘A terrific book – immensely practical and soundly based – both parents and professional will find it useful (as well as a good read)’.
(Professor Sir Micheal Rutter the UK’s leading Child Psychiatrist)

‘For any parent of a pre-schooler, wanting your child to cope (and enjoy) their first experience of school is natural. This book is helpful without being judgmental and has easy to follow practical ideas for helping your child along. In particular I have a 3 year old daughter who is more than comfortable with basic maths, and has started to read, but is less at home in making friends and socializing. The suggestions in the book will help her to make friends at primary school, and help her to feel she fits in, without suppressing her personality or expecting her to conform too much’

(Parent writing on Amazon)

Top tips for starting school

‘An easy read and practical guide to everything from teaching your child to take herself off to the toilet on her own to developing the early years school activities at home’

(Junior Magazine)

‘The book does not expect you to be a super parent and does not expect that the world should revolve around your child. It is for ordinary people who have ordinary concerns and questions. I would highly recommend it’

(Parent writing on Amazon)

‘This is a fabulous little book for parents who want tips to help prepare their child for school or some reassurance their child is "ready" to start school. It was interesting to read about the emotional, social and behavioral needs of children as they start school along with academic tips. I would recommend it for all parents of children aged 3-4.’

(Parent writing on Amazon)

‘This is a book I wish all parents would read before their children start at our school’

(Head Teacher of a UK primary school)

‘The advice in this book is useful and necessary’
(Times Educational Supplement)
‘Excellent advice for parents’

(Woman’s Own)
‘Covers the full range of early skills’

(The Times)
‘A calm and helpful book’